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When terrorists kill Shyloh’s mother, he dedicates his life to making a better world. He recruits his childhood friends Judith and Aiya and with their intimate bond, exceptional talents, and singular determination they become a formidable team. The unraveling civilization caused by climate change brings unique challenges and for each of them the goal begins to take on different meanings. Whose better world will be best?
The Triumvirate is story about love and loyalty, politics and power, race and religion, sacrifice and survival. New fiction from tomorrow’s headlines.

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The Triumvirate

FreeEbook! The Triumvirate – Love for Power. Love of Power. The Power of Love. A story about love and loyalty, politics and power, race and religion, sacrifice and survival. New fiction from tomorrow’s headlines. TODAY ONLY, AUG. 2. 2020

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Identity politics, “lived experiences” and an end to moderation



By 2045, a majority of the US population will be people of color. This will change the electoral makeup and enable people of color to have a transformative political impact.


In Zerlina Maxwell’s, The End of White Politics – How to Heal Our Liberal Divide, the former staffer for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign explains this is not a movement, it’s not a theory, it’s a demographic fact. To take advantage of this shift, the Democratic Party has to listen to the people of color and diverse groups, promote them to positions of power within the party, and let them lead the way.


According to Maxwell, when you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression, and that applies to all white males including those in the Democratic Party. Maxwell takes aim at the Bernie Bros, calling them “a manifestation of white male privilege”, and the “same as Trump supporters responding to the same perceived loss of privileges.” She claims whitelash increased racial solidarity among white people with the shared perception that they were losing status, rights, and privileges they had traditionally enjoyed was the reason for the Trump win.


She endorses identity-based politics explaining, in reality, it is politics saying there is more than one experience to consider. That means embracing identities other than those that are white, male, and heteronormative and accordingly running political campaigns based on the needs and experiences of those African Americans, Latinx, and the LGBTQ+ communities and women. Though women currently are a majority of the US population, their numbers don’t reflect that in elected officials.


Critical of Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, she suggests he has a “long history of telling the black constituency he can be trusted, while simultaneously authoring and implementing policies that would hurt them.” This includes supporting Bill Clinton’s 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act that has resulted in the current crisis of mass incarceration.


Maxwell identifies with The Squad, four young women of color recently elected to Congress saying, “there is no group more representative of how the next generation of leadership will look than The Squad.” She’s a supporter of their outspoken candor on public policy saying that lived experiences make better-informed policymaking. To Maxwell, the impulse of most Democrats to be moderate “feels like a manifestation of the white privilege that has plagued us for so long. Being a moderate is not a virtue. Moderation does not pull us toward progress.”


The book is dense with facts and then some since Maxwell has a tendency to repeat the same arguments in different context. She’s also fond of political jargon and memes, ostensibly to enhance her insider credibility, but which frequently sent me on an internet search to understand.


As an analysis of the current state of America’s political system, The End of White Politics reads like the future, like an awakening, like common sense.


Written with passion and commitment, Zerlina Maxwell presents her argument persuasively and unapologetically, and with enough anecdotes to lift it above the political thesis. She reminds us when she quotes feminist Laura Duca, “At any given moment, you’re either actively fighting for equality, or you’re complicit in the system of oppression that prevents it.”

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Running out of things to read? Join my beta-reading team.

Amazon won’t deliver my books to Canada or within the USA.


Part of my process of self-publishing is to send my new work to beta readers. The payback, I’d like to believe, is their contribution enhances an original work of art. Too grandiose? Okay, how about they get to be one of the first people to read a soon-to-be bestseller? Wishful thinking? At the very least, they get a free book once it’s published with their name listed on the Acknowledgement Page. And, of course, my undying gratitude.


But alas! Due to COVID19 Amazon is not shipping books to Canada, saying, “…due to the current Prevention measure taken by the US and due to increased demand for essential goods, we have been forced to reduce product selection available for delivery to Canada and also within the US as well.”


Some of my beta readers prefer ebooks, but others want paperback proof copies, and so do I. For me, the typos and dropped words I’ve missed in my Word manuscript jump out from a hard copy. And there are a lot of them.


So that means, The Bird Witch – Book 4 in The Mattie Saunders Series, will have to wait for what I’m not sure. A vaccine?


Until then, if you’re running out of things to read, contact me at and I’ll send you the ebook ARC of The Bird Witch along with some beta-reading tips.


Just think, not only will you be one of the first people to read a soon-to-be bestseller, your contribution will have enhanced this an original work of art.





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Check out my new video trailer for The Bird Whisperer – Book 3 in The Mattie Saunders Series. I even took all the photos.

FREE E-BOOK of The Triumvirate ’til midnight July 1, 2020

Triumvirate - Love for Power. Love of Power. The Power of Love. - Rod Raglin



The free launch of The Triumvirate – Love for Power. Love of Power. The Power of Love, topped out on the Amazon free ebook category at 12,340 on June 29.

That’s with a homemade cover, self-edited, and your help.

Now if that converts into reviews I may even make some money. The free ebook is still available until midnight July 1, 2020.

Oh yeah, Happy Canada Day, eh?



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FREE E-BOOK of The Triumvirate – Love for Power. Love of Power. The Power of Love.

Triumvirate - Love for Power. Love of Power. The Power of Love. - Rod Raglin




My New Novel

The Triumvirate – Love for Power. Love of Power. The Power of Love.

Only ’til July 1, 2020, at




How long do you wait?

For me, it used to be six months, but time’s running out.

I don’t care how many thousands of manuscripts they receive, they’ve had 100 days. You’d think that would be long enough to at least take a look and tell me it’s crap? I’m talking about traditional publishers. You knew that, right?

I started writing The Triumvirate – Love for Power. Love of Power. The Power of Love, in response to climate change. I had this idea there were solutions. Sure, we’d need to make tough choices and sacrifices, but in the end, a better world would emerge. I’d write that story.

I was wrong.

The Triumvirate turned out to be dystopian fiction rather than the opposite. I saw the future, or at least I researched it and, as Leonard Cohen said, “it is murder”.

Redemption in The Triumvirate doesn’t come by way of technology, or by adopting a vegan lifestyle, it comes in the form of the indomitable human spirit. Believe me, I didn’t see this coming, but it’s a story about love.

Considering the protagonist is asexual, it’s not your usual love story. It’s brutal, it’s frightening, and in the end, tragic, but never the less, it’s about love.

The Triumvirate has a lot of contemporary themes, even a pandemic scene written and researched two years prior to COVID-19. It’s life imitating art – in this case, life imitating my new novel. I’m thinking timing is important.

So, I self-publish on Amazon. Again. That makes eleven novels, two plays, and a collection of short stories.

Will it sell?

You can read it free until July 1, 2020, and let me know, or better still, write an honest review.

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A poem for Summer Solstice 2020

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We’re all captives of our personal and collective history.




It’s 1968, the year following the Summer of Love. “There’s a whole generation with a new explanation.” Anna Rossi is one of them, a twenty-three-year-old woman from a middle-class family who describes her life as “a set of random chromosomes adrift in a meaningless life. Useless, weak, a creature of clashing impulses.”


Anna is also conflicted. She’s Jewish, though loath to reveal or accept it, the anti-Semitic incidences in her life leaving her feeling “isolated, insecure, and vulnerable.”

After college, her parents pay for a summer in Europe. She heads for the continent with a friend, but when her friend bails on her in Greece, Anna has a decision to make: head home or continue on by herself.


A young man suggests they hitchhike together and her decision is made. A few days later, when they’re offered a ride by Max, a charming, attractive German with obviously more means than her backpacking partner, she decides he would make a more suitable traveling companion. Besides, Max is heading to Yugoslavia, and the Balkans have always intrigued Anna.


Though affable and unthreatening, Max has an agenda other than playing guide to an American tourist. He reveals he’s a smuggler and that his contraband is the Mercedes he’s driving. Anna will make a good foil when dealing with suspicious border officials if she’s willing. Without hesitation, or consideration of the consequences, Anna agrees. Traveling with Max through Yugoslavia, she’s introduced to Spiro and a cabal of associates and soon finds herself seduced by the rich culture and passionate people of this chaotic region of Europe.


As she tries to reconcile her own identity and understand that of Spiro’s, her lover, she becomes embroiled in the intrigue and violence spawned by ethnicity, politics, personal jealousy, and centuries of tortured history.


Despite the author Michele Levy, digging deep into the dark machinations of the land and its people, I was not able to understand why Anna was so interested, especially considering the anti-Semitic undertones and her anxiety about being Jewish. Characters in the novel are well-drawn through dialogue and action. In the case of the protagonist, it isn’t flattering. The reader comes to know a young woman who lacks initiative and is passive, impressionable, irresponsible, and incredibly naïve for her age. Living in the countryside with Spiro, Anna readily takes on the subservient role of his peasant wife doing domestic chores and gardening, but I got the impression once she tired of it, which she no doubt would, she’d simply buy a ticket and fly back to her privileged life in America. Unfortunately, events overtake her before boredom does.


Anna’s Dance: A Balkan Odyssey is an ambitious undertaking. It’s part tragic love story, part history lesson, and part travelogue with well-written descriptive passages evoking a simple people living in rustic villages amidst brooding mountains. Rich with drama and passion, it’s a poignant story of love and misadventure, the clash of culture and attitudes, and how, as much as we’d like to think otherwise, we’re all captives of our personal and collective history.


– Review for City Book Review

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