Author possessed

WhiteBlossoms_0011 copy (3)It’s electrifying, fascinating, magical and, above all else, the reason I write.

The characters in my current novel have come to life. I am now only the conduit for their emotions, thoughts and actions. They are doing and saying things I never imagined they would and yet I know it’s right for them, for me, for the story.

The story? I’m on an adventure. Maps have been abandoned. I don’t know where I’m going or how to get back. Places are being rediscovered, events revisited, emotions resurrected. I am boldly going where I’ve been before and never knew it.

I’m frequently afraid.

There’s no hesitation, no reviewing, no referring to a plot outline. I sit down and they compete to be expressed. They now are constantly with me. When I’m not writing they interrupt my dreams, my conversations, anything I attempt to get done.

I am possessed.

I prefer their company over anyone elses. It’s like the first bloom of love, I can’t wait to get back to them, and hate the time we’re apart. Leaving them is tortuous, even if just to sleep.

This can’t last. The intensity is exhausting. Like any infatuation the passion will wane. But for now it consumes me and I feel sympathy for those whom have never experienced this.

I know there will be bleak days ahead when I’ll look at the plot and see it as contrived, examine the characters and find them shallow.

But even during those times when everything is tested and found lacking, when the entire work appears flawed beyond repair, stupid, dumb and I’m sick, sick, sick of it, I’ll still remember these moments and remind myself for a brief time I was a writer.

Or thought I was.


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