To fail alone or succeed with collaboration?


I use to want to be a playwright.

I took a program at Playwrights Theatre Centre in Vancouver and with the help of professional dramaturg’s and the other members of the group developed Harry’s Truth, A Play in One Act.

“Harry” even had a “reading” – professional actors read the play aloud. I was blown away and, believe it or not, so were they.

The next step was to take it to production, maybe in conjunction with a couple of other one act plays by other playwrights – make an evening of it.

Whether that would have happened or not I’ll never know. You see, I’m not much of a collaborator and theatre is all about collaboration. By the time Harry’s Truth was ready for production I’d about had it with the affected (def.: artificial, pretentious, and designed to impress) people I’d been working with, and believe me the definition fits when it comes to theatre people.

If you come right down to it I’d rather go it alone and fail than have to work with someone and succeed, which is probably one of the reasons I’m where I am at this point in my career, alone and a failure. Hmm.

Recently I came across Harry’s Truth when I was searching the hard drive of my old laptop. I clicked and remarkably it opened. Nine years had passed and as I read it I thought this isn’t half bad.

The play asks the question, “are there cosmic truths?” Harry thinks there are and he’s discovered one which will make life easier, simpler and more fulfilling. He wants to share this epiphany with those he loves but not only do they not want to share in his enlightenment, they feel threatened by what he has to tell them. Much is at stake – careers, lifestyles, power – if Harry pursues his truth.

Seven scenes, forty-four pages and eleven and a half thousand words later Harry has his answer – the truth doesn’t necessarily set you free, but it can sure make you unpopular.

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