I warned you.

7 NottheWay2_IMG_0196Now it’s too late.

Back on September 6th, 2015, I launched the pre-order campaign for the re-issue of the e-book version of Saving Spirit Bear – What Price Success? (formerly entitled Spirit Bear). Up until November 8th you could pre-order it for just 99¢. Today it’s $3.99.

You could have saved three bucks, but did you?

Well, one person did.

Thank you.

I followed all of Mark Coker’s advice – he’s the Smashwords guy. I launched my pre-order campaign using the book’s cover, a preamble and a fifteen percent free preview, offered an attractive price, gave it a run up of two months, and even scheduled the launch on the day of the week he suggested to maximize the NY Times Bestseller List.

I did the same with Amazon (Kindle Direct Publishing).

Then I sent out a hundred and sixty-five personal emails to people who have expressed an interest in my novels (not one to a friend or family member mind you) and promoted it on Twitter, Booklikes, WordPress, and Promocave as often as I could and still keep a modicum of self-respect.

Speaking of carrying on…

You still have an opportunity (13 more days actually) to nominate my new novel, The Widower, on Kindle Scout and help me win that $1500 advance and a publishing contract from Amazon.

Go to https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/25MD9OLX9C88T

Upon checking the campaign stats I see my book has had 104 page views, but has spent zero hours in “Hot and Trending”. Sounds like my life.

And though you missed the pre-order deal on Saving Spirit Bear you can still cash in on Loving the Terrorist – Beyond Eagleridge Bluffs. Until Dec. 5, 2015, you can pre-order it for 99¢ and save $3.00.

Go to http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015MK5UL6 or https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/579221

Hey, it’s not all bad news. The Vancouver Public Library (I love libraries and especially the VPL) now carry three of my novels with the other two on order. At the time of this writing all copies are in use – how good is that!

No, I didn’t take them out myself.

Stay calm, be brave, watch for the signs.



Loving the Terrorist – 99¢ Beyond Eagleridge Bluffs

– order before December 6, 2015

After pre-order dates regular price will apply $3.99

To pre-order go to



Nominate The Widower,

my new novel on Kindle Scout



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