Sunset&Smoke44 copyLast month I had a little surprise in my bank account.

Three deposits appeared from Amazon totaling $11.04 for sales of the e-book edition of The BIG PICTURE – A Camera, A Young Woman, An Uncompromising Ethic.

Oh! my! gosh!

Upon investigation I discovered five e-books had been sold, one in March and four in April. Two were in Canada, two in the United States and one in Great Britain. Amazon doesn’t notify you when sales are made, and royalties are paid approximately sixty days following the end of the calendar month in which the applicable sales occur.

Since I’m more or less done with checking the reports and analytics on the sites my books are posted on I really have no idea what prompted these five strangers in three different countries to buy my book. I can’t think of anything I did during that period that might have brought my work to their attention.

Like Manuel, “I know nothing.”

If you’re an author with Amazon you can check your sales ranking. On April 13th, two copies of The BIG PICTURE were purchased which sent that book’s ranking soaring from 2,593,668 to 173,973.

For that day my book sold more than at least 2,419,695 other books on Amazon.

It’s not hard to understand how book promoters can make you an Amazon bestselling author – at least for a day or two. Three months later and coming up to The BIG PICTURE’s for anniversary I’m back down to 2,0008,844

It also gives me pause when I think of how many books are listed on Amazon that have very few sales, like none. Why am I surprised, up to that point I was one of them?

It’s all a mystery to me so I guess it’s still probably best to…

Stay calm, be brave, and watch for the signs (hopefully in my bank account).


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