IMG_0042 copyAre video book reviews an oxymoron?

I mean, if you read books why wouldn’t you prefer to read book reviews instead of watching them?

Just a second, I love to read but I also enjoy television documentaries and news shows. Hmm.

I’ve been motivated to do video reviews by my wife. She’s an avid fan of YouTube and watches videos of reviews on every thing imaginable including Dollar Store Hauls – videos of purchases people have made at Dollar Stores.

How could anyone be interested in watching something like that? Well, they are. Some of these “Haul” videos have hundreds of thousand of hits as well as subscribers.

I like writing book reviews and I know how much I appreciate it when someone takes the time to review one of my books. I also think taking a few moments to jot down my thoughts on what I enjoyed or didn’t enjoy about a novel, and maybe how it could be improved helps my own writing.

I guess there’s also a chance it might encourage someone to pick up one of my books.

I have no idea how many people read my reviews – certainly not as many people as watch “Haul” videos, but if I could get just a few thousand to watch a book review video it would be win-win – for the author of the book I reviewed and maybe for my own work.

I call my channel Not Your Family, Not Your Friend Book Reviews and explain that these are honest, constructive reviews free of conflict on interest of works by self-published authors. I’ve written dozens book reviews but only three reviews are currently on my channel.

I figured this would be pretty easy but so far it’s been a huge learning curve and  taken way too many hours. If you’re not into book reviews you might want to watch one anyway just for a laugh. On camera I open and close my mouth like a guppy, gaze off camera, and constantly bob and weave like a moving target. The production quality is embarrassing.

I’m learning and if I continue I promise they’ll improve.

But will I continue? So far my site has recorded only a few hits and likely half of them are from me checking to see if I haven’t inadvertently edited out half the video  or that the lighting’s so bad all you can see is a shadowy figure – you got it, bobbing and weaving.

The web address for Not Your Family, Not Your Friend Book Reviews is

Stay calm, be brave, watch for the signs (and the video)


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