RenfrewRavine011015_0017Okay, remember when I made that commitment to review unknown, self-published authors. Well, I’m adding a corollary to it.

If, after three chapters, the book is causing me severe cerebral stress manifesting in physical symptoms such as clenched teeth, muttering under my breath and the onset of clinical depression at having to resume reading it, I will abandon it and write a review accordingly.

I do the same with best sellers so why should a newbie get preferential treatment? Besides, we all know that what is indicative in the first three chapters will be repeated throughout the rest of the book.

If you’re not all right with this, well, too bad.

Okay, one more thing. If I slam Michael Ondaatje why shouldn’t I slam John Doe? Does it help anyone if I send an unfavorable review to the author, they look at it, then redirect it to trash? They could think “what does he know?”, which is a valid point, and not consider any of my suggestions to improve their writing. It is, after all, just one person’s opinion.

What about the prospective reader ready to slap down $2.99 (or more) on this e-book on the strength of twenty glowing reviews? Do I have an obligation to forewarn them? Reviews are for readers.

So my review gets buried and nobody benefits – including me.

I don’t think so.

New policy. I review your book, you get my honest opinion – posted, everywhere.



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