Meet Freyja, you’re going to hate her.


Young, talented, ambitious, self-confident, a photographer trying to break out.

What makes her different from so many others is her uncompromising ethic.

Sure she wants success and recognition, but only on her own terms.


Freyja wants to know, “Is any one honest, ethical and truthful? Is everyone compromised?”

Forget ten righteous people, she’d settle for one.


The character of Freyja feels the way most of us do, at least sometimes, about family, friends, lovers, society, authority, politicians. The difference is she tells them and always acts accordingly.


Some consider her cynical, callous, and crude.

Others see her as self serving, self absorbed, and downright selfish

Those close to her suggest she’s unfeeling, unforgiving, and unrealistic.

Hate her because you don’t have the courage to live an uncompromised life,

hate her because you can’t forfeit your delusions about our society,

hate her because you don’t have the self-confidence to be like her.


Freyja doesn’t give a damn.


Freyja wants truth – in relationships, in society, in life, but the only satisfaction she finds is the truth in her art.


Now someone wants to make that a lie.


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