Layout 1On July 14, 2014, I self-published The Big Picture, a 76,000 word, literary/commercial novel.

I used Kindle Direct Publishing because it seemed to give me the best exposure, the policy and procedures (formatting) were relatively easy, and it was free in return for 90-day exclusivity agreement to sell and distribute the book as they see fit.

Amazon is responsible for about a third of global book sales so they must know something, right?

All others viable avenues had been pretty much exhausted or turned out to be dead ends.

This could probably (likely) mean that the book is no good, but over the last six months I’ve done a lot of research including reading quite a few independently published (self-published) books and I’ve come to the conclusion that The Big Picture though not as good as some, is better than most.

Hubris? We’ll find out.

Over the next year I will report monthly on the progress of the novel, what promotion I’ve done, what the results have been and provide an update on the number of copies sold. Unlike a zillion other authors/marketers that want you to buy this kind of information online or in book form, you can share my experience for free.

Does free equate to no value? The jury is still out on that one but you can decide from the results I achieve.

What do I expect? Here’s where we could use a benchmark.

Back in 2010 my ECO-WARRIOR series; Spirit Bear, Eagleridge Bluffs and Not Wonder More – Mad Maggie and the Mystery of the Ancients were accepted and published as e-books by Devine Destinies.

The sales results for being on their list for four years are as follows:

Spirit Bear -55 copies sold; Eagleridge Bluffs – 9 copies sold; Not Wonder More – 4 copies sold. Royalties to date $79.97

I could rationalize these results any number of ways but suffice to say I don’t have to set the bar too high to achieve better results.

The Big Picture is now available on Amazon now at

I’m a “if it don’t sell, it ain’t good” kind of guy so this could turn out to be a humbling experience.



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