BlueBells_0038 copy copySell More Books, 55 Free Promotions That Work, by Nancy Hendrickson and Michelle Campbell-Scott is sixty-two pages of promotional techniques designed to help you sell your book using social media and the internet.

Since the authors readily admit not all of the 55 promotions will work for every single book or every single author, they’ve divided their strategies into five major categories, “hopefully making it easier for you to find the promotional ideas that work for you and your book.”

The five categories are:

The Big Five – for social media junkies.

The Rock Star – for authors who love being in the limelight, includes YouTube and Podcasts.

The Emily Dickenson – for the shy who love writing more than anything else.

The Best Friend – putting the touch on family and friends

The Wizard – for those very up-to-date on the latest promotional strategies.

Depending on how savvy you are technologically you may find some of these programs complicated in the extreme. You could end up spending a lot of time, and I mean a considerable amount, for very limited results.

The obvious flaw with self-promotion, and this applies to a number of the authors’ suggestions, is most of these schemes lack credibility. Creating your own YouTube video talking about your book, arranging a friend to interview you with, no doubt, scripted questions, bogus author review swaps (you plug mine and I’ll plug yours), and begging family and friends to submit positive reviews, and let’s face it, how likely are they to post an objective one, do not advance your goal of being a better writer.

Oh, but that’s not your goal, you just want to sell 55 more books?

Well, then of course, you’ll want to spend all the time it takes to keep current with your new virtual friends, tribe members and online acquaintances instead of writing another, hopefully better, book.

Sell More Book, 55 Free Promotions That Work is certainly worth the price even if you get a couple of new, legitimate ideas. It’s apparent from the author’s bios that the focus of this book is mainly at writers of non-fiction where the strategies would likely work better than promoting works of fiction.

Regardless, you’ll be disappointed if you think taking the time to employ these techniques will make you significantly more successful.

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but the question is, how long can you continue to keep fooling yourself?

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