Wattpad – everybody can be a writer


If you haven’t heard of Wattpad, I suggest you check it out.


It’s a site where authors can share their work, encourage other writers, and potentially reach a massive audience. What makes this different than other writing sites is that you don’t have to pay to post your writing by critiquing other writer’s work. You just register and put your stuff up there.

And millions of people are. According to co-founder, Allen Lau, each month users spend 2.2 billion minutes on the site, it receives 10 million monthly visitors, is home to six million uploaded stories with 750,000 new ones added each month, and receives two comments every second.

Wattpad promotes itself as An unlimited, ever-growing library of free books and stories all in the palm of your hand! On Wattpad, millions of people are discovering great fiction, sharing stories with friends and following their favorite authors chapter-by-chapter.

The “great fiction” is for sure a stretch and the site is skewed towards genre fiction and teen readers but it is endorsed by Margaret Atwood and Giller Prize winning author Vincent Lam is a wattpad  member.

Most of the stuff, like mine, gets little notice, but because we are writers and therefore delusional we can only hope we will be like Brittany Geragotelis, who signed a three-book, six-figure deal with Simon & Schuster earlier this year thanks to the success of her novel Life’s a Witch, which was read on Wattpad more than 13 million times.

I’ve posted 20,000 words of a WIP entitled, Forest Primeval, to see if it’s popular with the wattpad community and what kind of feedback I get, if any. Go to


You can check out the site while reading my stuff.

Sure, go ahead, vote for me. I’m a little shy of thirteen million, but ever hopeful.