It’s about the work

BBstones64 copyIt’s good to sometimes hang out with true artists.

What’s a true artist?

A good skill set in their chosen field, determination and commitment, and a profound passion for creating. That’s good enough for me.

Spending time with other artists is like attending a to a twelve-step meeting.

“Hi, my name is Rod, and I’m  a writer.”

“Hi, Rod.”

There’s a feeling of solidarity and empathy.

“You mean you leave rants on agent’s answering machines as well?”

“You too feel like the games fixed, and everybody knows it but you?’

There’s nothing wrong with a self-pity group wallow for a while. It might even be therapeutic. Unfortunately, it’s a lot like eating a triple chocolate fudge cake, good at the time but not very fulfilling in the long run.

I have a friend who is a painter. He’s far more accomplished than I’ll likely ever be.

His latest work is a remarkable portrait.

“Was it commissioned by the subject,” I asked.


“But why would some buy a portrait of a person they don’t know?”

“For it’s artistic value.”

For true artists it’s all about the work. It always has, it always will. If I stay on this path long enough maybe it will be for me as well.

I’ve had a slip. But my true artist friends have helped me get back on the wagon. “Just for today’ I’ll focus on the writing and nothing else. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

I’m back to work now, alternating between two works in progress. I feel better.

Thanks for being patient with me.

~   ~   ~

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